2015 & 2016 Auckland Photographer of the Year

family photography

Family Photography

Family portrait sessions are fun and informal. The idea is to get everyone engaged so the family portrait is outstanding when displayed on your wall. The challenge is the get everyone engaged and relaxed. We use many words to communicate but most of our important communication is through our body language: our eyes, the shoulders, the mouth, hands and posture. That is even more accurate in a photograph (that is why it is worth a thousand words). I take all my photos in color but choose to display some in monochrome: black and white, sepia, desaturated, or cream tone.  These effects put even more emphasis on our body language as our eyes are not distracted by everyday colors such as red,  yellow, green etc. This also makes my family portrait photographs extra ordinary so people keep saying ‘Wow’ when they see them in your living room.

Family photography has its own set of challenges: getting everyone to be natural and look at the camera. Some family members are confident and outgoing while others may be shy. Getting the young children to participate is even more tricky and that requires lots of patience for the right moment. My role in creating a family photo is to get everyone on-board and relaxed. Some images are best when family members are laughing while other s are best when having a quiet reflection time. While some of my best images are posed family portraits taken in my professionally equipped studio, outdoor photos prove to be the unique ones that capture the hearts of my clients. These family photographs are outstanding as the natural environment helps in creating the right atmosphere and mood. However, outdoor family photography is not always recommended. For example, when the weather is not suitable or when photographing a baby.

Overall, my best time is during the viewing when young adults look at me and say: “Your photos are really good!” These kind of comments are worth more than winning an important photo competition as they come from the heart! We all need food for our souls – I aim for my photographs to be inspiring and to evoke real emotional response. I would like to think that my Art is helping you in creating your family legacy.