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Performing Arts Photography

Performing arts photography poses several technical challenge as most stages are purposely lit for the show – not for photography, while the use of flash is forbidden. This requires using high ISO camera setting which in turn may create grainy (pixelated) images. Setting the camera with a wide open aperture is a must in low light situations thus limiting the depth of field in the photos. The availability of a suitable position for the photographer further restricts the angel and height from which photos are taken. In addition, stage performers are moving quickly so require fast reaction while focusing the camera becomes another challenge. The photographer has to be able to quickly understand the dynamics on the stage and proactively seek the best angles from which to capture the best photographs.

Enjoy this video clip from The Nutcracker Sugar Plum Fairy ballet performance

[jwplayer file=”/Albums/videos/Nutcracker//Sugar Plum Fairy.flv” image=”/Albums/videos/Nutcracker/Thumbnails/IMG_8387-Edit.JPG”]

Body Paint




Corporate sample album

Event Photography

Birthday Party Audio Visual Clip

Birthday parties and special events are a great time to capture beautiful moments in a combination of casual, candid and posed photographs.

Event Photography Sample Album


Booking fee including travel and one hour photography service: $260 – Auckland wide.
Digital copies all your best photos in album resolution with license to make unlimited 6×9″ prints: $1,500.
An audio visual clip with your favourite music: $1,000
All photos are cropped, colour corrected and white balanced. All prices include GST.
100% money back gaurantee for a full refund if you do not like any of your photos, and we’ll still be friends.

Individual prints order:

Size (inches)
6×9″ (A5)
8×12″ (A4)