Beach Dogs

Dogs are men’s best friend and we all love them. These awesome video clips are captured at the beach where dogs have lots of fun running around chasing the birds and the bees. These stunning photographs are created using special equipment which enables locking the focus on your dog’s eyes, freezing action in very high speeds and tracking it pin-sharp as it runs while keeping the background very soft. This makes your dog stand out and separates it from the cluttered environment. The camera can capture ten frames per second so that I can choose your dog’s best expressions when creating these beautiful slideshows. Enjoy!

Living the dream!

Bella at the beach #shorts

Just another day at the beach ⛱️

Barron and Raz - Pennies From Heaven

Too much energy...

Bella and Violet living the dream!

Another day in paradise with Koda!

Hunting Day at the beach!

Money For Nothing

Boombastic, tell me fantastic Touch me inna my back, she call Mr. Ro-mantic