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2018 Auckland Photographer of the Year


  • Family Portrait - Auckland
  • Family Portrait - Auckland
  • Family Portrait - Auckland
  • Family Portrait - Auckland
  • Family Portrait - Auckland
  • Family Portrait - Auckland
  • Family Portrait - Auckland
  • Family Portrait - Auckland
  • Family Portrait - Auckland
  • Family Portrait - Auckland
  • Family Portrait - Auckland
  • Family Portrait - Auckland
  • Family Portrait - Auckland
  • Family Portrait - Auckland
  • Family Portrait - Auckland

Awesome photo session with so much fun for all of my family. We had so many great photos it was hard to choose which one! I hope one day we are fortunate to do it again. Thank you Ilan for your talent and professional photography work. It is so nice to have those great moments captured on our wall to show off to all our friends and family :-)
Ilan has blown our minds with his talent and vision! We have never seen anything remotely close to Ilan\'s style of photography before or since our family portraits. His attention to detail, passion, and professionalism was unmatched. We were looking for a highly creative photographer with a passion for art...needless to say, that is what we got! Ilan has an amazing gift to capture moments in the most artistic and creative ways. Thank you so much Ilan! We would recommend you in a heartbeat.
The family and I would like to thank you Ilan for the amazing photos you have produced - we love them all. You have an amazing personality to have the whole family smiling and laughing. You were also able to make us all feel comfortable with the photo shoot and we had an amazing time at the beach. We wish you the very best for the future and to share this amazing talent you have with more people.
Patiently and professionally, Ilan has produce some fantastic shots of my partner and I. The photos have bought out our true character and complimented us all. We love the natural setting he insisted on. His ability to make us feel good and comfortable is also remarkable. We are looking forward to hanging the prints with pride in our new home. We both share a love for photography and proud that we can hang Ilan\'s art alongside our own. Thanks llan for your patience and professionalism.
Thanks so much Ilan for making a freezing and very early morning photo shoot at the beach fun and giving us gorgeous, enduring memories both in the form of the actual photographs and the day they were taken. The photos are stunning, natural and have a lovely \'soul\' about them which makes them very precious!
We are absolutely delighted with the stunning portrait of our family. You have captured the essence of our individual personalities beautifully and naturally, not easy with 4 children in the frame! We had a great time together on the day, the location was perfect and we can\'t wait to have our portrait on the wall. Thank you for providing us with such a fantastic reminder of our family unit - we can\'t wait to recommend you!
Ilan produced both some fantastic family portraits for me and wonderful head shots for my magazine work. He was excellent with my young son, who had an amazing time on the portrait shoot, and made us both feel very comfortable. The images from booth shoots are amazing, and Ilan made both experiences enjoyable, comfortable and rewarding.
Friendly, skillful and extremely professional, I would work with Ilan again in a heartbeat
We had an absolutely fantastic time at the photo shoot. Ilan\'s witty sense of humor and friendly interaction drew out the most genuine emotions from all of us, including our dog Zach! His passion for this art and meticulousness in capturing the most natural shots is just out of this world. I\'m sure we created history and for a change wouldn\'t mind repeating history. Can\'t wait to see the photos!
Ilan was great to work with, creative and set the right vibe. He\'s a great communicator, efficient and delivers results as promised. We now have some memorable images that record a turning point in our lives when our daughter left home to live and work in Sydney. As a former professional photographer myself and my wife who has a very critical eye, art student, professional graphic designer, arranged many shoots herself and my daughter who studied art and photography, he had critical clients. We found no faults and are very happy with the results. Thanks Ilan!
Your photographs are real and true work of art. I was amazed by so many details emerging from your photos. Looking at them I can almost feel the energy accumulated. At first glance static, but after only a few seconds very dynamic pieces, worth every reward. Removing colour which many times simply obscure the details forces the viewer to notice those details and enjoy in them. Your images have so many layers, each telling own story about the moment captured and at the same time revealing a little bit about the photographer. Congratulations Ilan, your MNZIPP title is well deserved.
Ilan was fantastic to work with. His witty personally and passion for his work made the experience lots of fun during the photo shoot. he was great at putting us at ease and hence the photos are very natural. We loved the variety of photos to choose from and how they captured each of our personalities. The setting was fantastic and the photographic results were great. It was hard to choose our favourites because we loved so many of them. We all liked Ilan’s witty sayings, but my favourite was “happy wife, happy life.” Needless to say I am very happy with our photos; hence all is well in our household!
There is nothing as special in life as seeing the love, smiles and happiness of one\'s family captured in a moment and saved for perpetuity! That is exactly what Ilan has been able to do for our family. Our photos are not only beautiful and creative, but they are truly reflective of us as people (and dogs!) and as a family unit. The photo shoot itself was also a fun, rewarding and memorable experience. Ilan was very patient with us and the dogs, and gave us some really great ideas & tips for making it a success. Thank you Ilan!
Ilan does an amazing job! I have two toddlers and he is able to capture the most beautiful shots of them despite the fact that they were initially very shy and uninterested. He captures the most beautiful moments and produces amazing photographs which I always miss - even though I\'m right there! I have always been very pleased with his photography.
Ilan delivers incredible photography that capture moments turning them into fabulous pictures. A passionate and enthusiastic professional who knows how to make the photo session relaxed and enjoyable. Certainly recommended.
Ilan did a beautiful job, creating wonderful photos of these awesome kids and we thank you so much for being part of the celebration of their engagement! Your approach is very professional yet with the touch of fun and laughter. We highly recommend you as a great photographer, thanks Ilan.
I would be happy to use or recommend Ilan he uses the natural elements of a local beach to take the most amazing family photo\'s. He is not only creating a master piece of Art he is creating a great moment that is captured for ever.
Ilan is a fantastic photographer to work with. Always professional, Ilan was very attentive to my needs and made me feel very comfortable. Ilan manages to capture beautiful photos using wonderful lighting techniques and his photography experience. I am very pleased with the outcome, having been shown more than enough great photos to choose from. I highly recommend Ilan to anyone and everyone, and I look forward to taking many pictures with him in the future. Thank you Ilan.
This is what happened after showing your photos: I just got signed to the Nike sponsorship program and I now receive clothing and sportswear from them every couple of months. I am also working on a contract with Mazda cars, where they plan to support and sponsor me for the next two to four years! A lot of the photos which you created helped because I was able to put them into my CV, approach these sponsors and show them what other potential I have, which I really have you to thank for.
Whoever said ‘A picture paints a thousand words’ was not wrong. Our family portrait session happened to be a cold brisk morning but Ilan’s ability to make you forget the weather, feel happy to be alive and just enjoy the moment! Well, the photos speak for themselves. We were simply delighted and thrilled with the results. A moment in time to treasure forever, thanks Ilan we couldn’t have asked for more.
THANK YOU SO MUCH ILAN! We love the photos of Tomas, Cooper, & I. Great photo\'s, great value, and great guy. Looking forward to doing another shoot at the beach in one year. Thank you so much for making a memory last a life time :)

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