Corporate portraits and headshots

A soft copy image is all that’s required for your website or business card… Read More…


Corporate & Commercial – Professional Portraits and Headshots

A soft copy image is all that’s required for your website or business card. Ideal for anyone promoting your website, your profile photograph on LinkedIn, corporate and real estate agents. Check out the Basic Package for a license to use your portrait in website, Power Point presentations, business cards, LinkedIn, online dating, social media, advertising brochures etc.
Commercial portraits are an important business tool that is used extensively in the corporate world . Uses of a business portrait include: your web page, a prominent business profile on your company’s website, business cards, social media websites such as LinkedIn, banners, cars, etc. A good business portrait conveys the personality traits and displays your character in a most positive and flattering way. It will help introduce you to people who will be able to attach a face to the name and will ease communication. The key to a great commercial portrait is creating quick rapport, connecting to your personality, understanding the message that you wish to convey and then determining the composition, the light and the best side to present you (we all have a better side of our face). Body language is key so I ensure that you feel confident and relaxed throughout the photo shoot. I typically take about 100 photographs in a photo session but present you with only the best 15-20 on a web album so helping you in making this choice and in making the most out of our time together.