Digital Images

While we strongly believe that there is much more value* in physical prints, canvases, photo albums and other tactile objects which become part of your home décor, some of our loyal clients want to be able to keep the digital files, for sharing with family overseas and to make their on prints. Digital files come with a license to make unlimited prints for non-commercial use.

1. Web resolution – suitable for sharing online and for web albums (1024×768 pixels, 72 dpi):

1-10 digital files: 75 each
11-15 digital files: 70 each
All presented photos: 1,200

2. Postcard – suitable for making unlimited A5 prints (6×9 inch, 240 dpi):

2.1 Five photos: 1,100
2.2 Ten photos: 1,600
2.3 All presented photos: 1,900

3. Wall presentation – with license for making unlimited A4 prints (8×12 inch, 240 dpi):

3.1 Five photos: 1,400
3.2 Ten photos: 1,950
3.3 All presented photos:  2,500

4. RAW files

RAW files enable you to make very large prints without noticeable grain or noise, suitable for a billboard or a large wall art. Your investment in a 60MB size RAW file is 1,000.

* Research clearly indicates that most people attach more value to tactile object vs. digital files. For example, when random participants went inside a photo booth and given a choice of either getting a JPEG image, sent by email, or a Polaroid print in their hand, the vast majority preferred the physical print despite the fact that it cannot be reproduced. On another survey, participants preferred a hard-copy book which sits on the shelf and can be held in their hands over an eBook which sits inside their hard drive.