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2018 Auckland Photographer of the Year

Family Portraits

  • Kids Portrait - Auckland
  • Family Portrait with puppy-Auckland
  • Hands Up - Family Portrait - North Shore
  • Glamour Portrait with Iva - Wow Photography Studio
  • Portrait photographer Auckland
  • Wedding Photogrtaphy - Auckland
  • Portrait photographer Auckland
  • Portrait photograph - Auckland
  • Cukier - family portrait - Auckland
  • Benjy - Baby Portrait - Auckland
  • Portrait photographer Auckland
  • Noa Ballet - Portrait Photo - Dancing
  • Florian - Baby photo - Wow Photography Studio
  • Glamour Portrait with Iva - Wow Photography Studio
  • Family Portrait - Father and Daughter
  • Livschitz Family Portrait - Auckland
  • Rangitoto Island Family Portrait
  • Old friends - Family Portrait
  • Marjorie - Family Portrait - Wow Photography Studio
  • Family with dog portrait - Auckland
  • Glamour Portrait with Iva - Auckland
  • Portrait Photography Auckland
  • Wedding Photogrtaphy II Elaine and Cody
  • Girls Portrait Auckland
  • Baby Portrait Auckland
  • Portrait Photography Auckland
  • North Shore family portrait - Auckland
  • Takapuna Beach family portrait - Auckland
  • Family Portrait at Wow Photography studio - Auckland
  • portrait photography Auckland
  • Glamour Portrait with Iva - Wow Photogaphy Studio
  • lakshmi and James family portrait Photo
  • Hynds Family Portrait Photogrtaph
  • Studio Family Portrait - Wow Photography
  • Auckland portrait photography - Castor Bay
  • Family Portrait at Wow Photography studio - Auckland
  • Wedding Portriat - Auckland
  • Family Portrait with Rangitoto - Auckland
  • Family Portrait with dog - Castor Bay beach, Auckland
  • Family Portrait with dog II- Castor Bay beach, Auckland
  • Family Portrait walk at Castor Bay beach, Auckland
  • Family portrait at Castor Bay beach, North Shore, Auckland
  • portrait photography Auckland
  • Graduation Family Portrait - Auckland
  • Auckland portrait photography
  • Family photograph - Wow Photography - Auckland
  • Family Portrait at Wow Photography studio - Auckland

Family Portraits

Family Portrait sessions are fun and relaxed. Portrait photography is one of my most popular services and provide you with a timeless images that adds real value on your walls! The best family portraits are candid, when the image is portraying you in a natural setting, talking laughing, walking or simply sitting together. We are not getting any younger so the idea is to capture a moment in time that encapsulates a feeling of love – a sense of family. Taking you to the beach in Castor Bay helps in creating a more casual atmosphere where kids can have lots of fun playing around in the sand. It also provides great opportunities for capturing natural photos. Wow Photography studio is ideal for taking more formal portrait  or when the weather is not ideal (raining, harsh sun light or too windy). The studio also offers full control of the light and backdrop settings so allows more creativity in adding props, using makeup or changing clothes. It offers plenty of space and lots of setting opportunities to help in creating the desired impact that will suit your purpose. Experience shows that the best family portraits are candid so I’ll make sure you are at your best in front of the camera and that everyone is enjoying the photo session. More natural photographs are captured when interacting with family members or close friend. As a professional photographer, my role is to gain your trust and make you feel comfortable so the images I capture will be spontaneous, using a background that will complement you without overpowering the image so the final photo will look great on your wall!

Photo Session

Family photography requires establishing quick rapport with all family members and making everyone feeling easy and comfortable in front of the camera. Baby photography on the other hand requires patience and quick response in capturing priceless moments that are adorable. Being qualified as a Portrait Photographer by New Zealand Institute of professional photography is both an honor and responsibility. I make it fun informal so it is one of my most popular services. Portrait sessions are fun and informal. Please wear the style you are most comfortable with: simple, classic look or elegant. Wear clothes that reflect your personality and avoid logos and patterns. Arrange to wear solid colors of the same shade and tone. Agree to wear light or dark tones and bring another outfit so to have the option to change. Garments with sleeves photograph well while shoes are optional. The accessories that you bring say a lot about who you are. They make your portrait photos personal so please bring them: leather jackets, denim, hats, coats, scarves, favorite jewelery, etc. Pets will make your photos outstanding – please bring leash, toys and treats to keep them happy and co-operative. Please turn off your cell phone before your session and plan to arrive early – you will be relaxed and it will show on your images.

My objective when capturing your portrait is to portray your mood and personality in an enduring way, to capture a precious moment and create priceless images that will stand the test of time. I aim to tell your family story and evoke real emotions while helping in the creation of your family legacy. Portrait photos are usually composed image, however, candid and natural images usually turn out best. My role as a photographer is to gain your confidence and make you feel relaxed so the images I capture will be have real value on your walls for years to come. Monochrome images are unique because we see the world in color: blue, red, yellow, green etc. I love experimenting with post processing to create that special mood that will make your images and make them extraordinary when displayed on your walls for years to come. In addition to Antique light, classic B&W, I use Sepia, Selenium or Bleach effects to suit the desired atmosphere and mood of the print.

How to get my portrait photo

I get to meet lots of customers who were thinking about having a photo session but took a quite a long time to get the confidence  or the effort to make it happen. When they finally see their beautiful portrait they always say they should have come sooner!

Here are some helpful tips:

a. It’s always fun to do some research on hairstyles and make-up that you might like trying. Make a list of outfits that you would like to bring and accessories that will make your portrait unique and timeless.

b. Just do it and go with the flow. Pick up the phone and make the call: 282 4461. It is easier than most think and a lot of fun! Alternatively, simply book your session on-line or grab a gift voucher for your loved one.
The initial design consultation on the phone is your opportunity to ask questions and for me to learn about your needs and requirements. I will talk through what’s involved from start to finish and cover everything that I do to get the most out of your photo session – easy!

c. Get a few ideas of the portraits which you would like to display on your walls! One way to do this is by keeping a scrapbook of images from magazines or web pages which you really like. This can prove really valuable when you come for your photo session!

d. Sometimes it is just a matter of dropping a really big and heavy hint and making sure it lands right on his toe just before your birthday! simply email the man in your life a link to my website and mention that you would love to do something like this “while we are young…” and expect to get a lovely gift voucher. If all else fails – simply grab his attention while browsing Wow Photography amazing portraits!