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Babies are adorable and it is such an honor to create your family legacy! Wow Photography Auckland studio is warm so your baby is always comfortable. You are welcome to feed your baby during the session as I generally allow two or more hours for your baby session. There is plenty of time for your baby to be fed, we want your baby to be happy. Your baby is usually very relaxed and calm in the morning or after their nap which allows for more creative photography. I appreciate the trust you give me when bringing your baby and I aim to make the session relaxed and fun for everyone. I also have a range of baskets for your baby to sit or stand comfortably and usually ask that you bring a teddy bear and a soft toy for your baby to hold. Your baby will grow very fast and will change dramatically during the next few months so call me early to schedule the most suitable time. You are more than welcome to bring his favourite songs or music and play them from your cell phone during your photo session.

Most young babies love the studio and are fascinated with the lights above. I mostly use sightly mottled backdrops depending on their clothes color and the mood we are trying to create. It is important for me as a photographer to learn from you, the parent, the sort of photographs that you are looking for so I will spend the first few minutes on the phone for a consultation prior to the session. This is when we get to know each other and set the expectations so we are on the same page.

Photographing babies requires patience and skill. Up to a certain age babies are relatively stationary i.e. they remain in their parents hands, or at a certain spot. The challenge then is to get their attention when they are in a happy mood and capture their cute portrait when they are at their best. I will be ready to capture the best photographs from the word go in order to get those precious smiles. Another fun challenge is to get you the parent to trust me to attract your child’s attention during a family portrait. The best portraits however, are when your eyes connect naturally with true and unconditional love.

Grown up babies who run a round the studio can be fun to capture. An outdoor session at the beach or the park would be more suitable then. The best images of babies are candid ones when they are busy playing around and naturally content. Please bring their favourite toys and be sure to choose a time when they are fully awake and after their meal. I find that having one parent or a sibling standing right behind me helps in getting their attention to look at the camera. However, outstanding images can be taken when babies are looking away from the camera with lots of intent, curiosity and pure happiness.

What to wear

Pastel colours and white are classic choices for your child’s outfit. babies and little people photograph best in simple clothing.  Bold and vivid colours could be very impressive, portraying your children in a playful, lively portrait, especially primary colours like hot red, vivid green and navy blue. Let your child wear their favourite cap or dress even if not complying with the above. This will warm up the atmosphere and will make it easy to change after a few minutes to a more photogenic garment. Please bring your child’s favourite toy or stuffed animal to make a warm and personal portrait. Most important, have fun and make sure your child is relaxed:)
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