Newborn Photography


Newborns are adorable! Most parents book the photo shoot when their photo session well before delivery date or when their newborn is only a few days old. Your new baby is so cute when they are mostly asleep and we can carefully pose your baby so they look like an angel! The studio is heated up and filled with soft baskets, beautiful throws and warm lights. I heat up my Auckland studio so your baby is comfortable even when they are partially nude. A hairband for girls and a beanie for boys is sometimes all the props that are needed to create a precious newborn portrait which becomes priceless at time flies. You are welcome to feed your baby in the Wow Photography studio as I generally allow 2 or more hours for all the setup. We want your new baby to feel cosy and to fall asleep. I’ll usually ask that you bring a teddy bear and a soft, thick, plain blanket that your baby can lie on. Your baby will grow up very fast and will change dramatically during the first few weeks of his or her life so call me early to schedule the most suitable time – ideally in the first three-six weeks.

It is important for me as a photographer to learn from you, the parent, the sort of photographs that you are looking to create so I will spend the first few minutes on a consultation. This is when we get to know each other and set the expectations so we are all on the same page.

Newborns are very good models as they sleep most of the time. Your baby is usually very relaxed and calm which allows for more creative photography. However, your baby is likely to wake up during the session and that allows me to capture some images of your child looking straight at the camera as well. Babies are best photographed nude – I usually heat up the studio so we all feel comfortable. I like to allow about 90 minutes for the newborn session so that there is plenty of time for your baby to be fed. I appreciate the trust you give me when bringing your baby on one of your first outings and will keep the session relaxed and fun.

Photographing newborn requires patience and skill. It would be great to bring along grand parents if suitable. This would be a beautiful gift of love and a golden opportunity to capture precious moments between family generations. This would be a wonderful opportunity not only to capture solo photos of your newborn but also to create wonderful family photos with the proud parents and siblings.

What to wear

Pastel colours and white are classic choices for your child’s outfit. Newborn photograph best in simple clothing. An all-white outfit gives a natural and clean look, creating a classic portrait that captures their purity and innocence. Bold and vivid colours such as hot red, green and deep blue are not advisable for your newborn. Please bring their stuffed animal to make a warm and personal portrait photo. Most importantly, have fun and make sure your newborn is happy.
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