Boudoir & Lingerie Photography

Boudoir photography is an empowering and transformative experience

Boudoir photography is a form of photographic art that uses props, lingerie and poses to create beautiful images. It is an empowering experience that helps you feel comfortable and relaxed in a safe environment. When done correctly, it can help you shed your insecurities and inhibitions, and feel more confident in your own self-image. It can also be an emotionally liberating experience that helps you reclaim your body and find joy in your uniqueness, it can boost your self-confidence and self-love

“Looking gorgeous and feeling like a star” that’s the feedback I often get from my Boudoir and Lingerie clients. Visit Wow Photography studio for a wonderful princess portrait session. This is your opportunity to live your dreams with intimate photographs that evoke deep emotions! Bring with you a collection of your best outfits, including jewellery, fancy shoes, boots, hats and scarves to make your glamour portraits unique and special. The lingerie photo session will leave you feeling like a goddess with vivid memories that will last a lifetime. I am committed to creating fun and warm atmosphere so you are completely relaxed and looking at your best. You will look and feel great while I pose you in erotic and sexy fashion, with good taste and style!

Please use foundation make up, eye definition and blusher and avoid foundation with sparkling illuminate. Freshly shave under arms and legs the morning of your appointment. Do your hair a couple of days before your portrait session so it is easier to style. Wear loose clothes to avoid underwear imprints and bring lots of props and accessories. You are more than welcome to visit a tanning salon so your complexion is uniform. Visiting a makeup artist or a hair stylist just before your photo session will make you look great and feel great. Fake eyelashes are a nice addition and you are welcome to bring your favourite music to enhance the atmosphere and create good vibe.

Types of boudoir photography

There are many styles to choose from, such as glamorous, classic, or themed. We will work together to create unique images that reflect your personality and style.

    • Glamour: Look your best with bold poses and flattering lighting.
    • Pin Up: Have fun with playful poses, bright colors, and unique props.
    • Dark: Create stunning images with dark colors, moody lighting, and sultry poses.
    • Maternity: Capture special memories and celebrate your changing body and femininity.
    • Couples: Celebrate your love and connection with your partner and create a unique and intimate keepsake.
    • Bridal: Feel confident and fearless as a bride and share a special gift with your partner.

Preparing For A Boudoir Photoshoot

  • Take care of yourself: Pamper yourself with a facial and practice self-care activities like journaling or meditation.
  • Choose your outfits: Pick colors and fabrics that you love and that make you feel beautiful and confident. Don’t forget accessories and props that would complement your look.
  • Have fun: Enjoy the process and let your personality shine through. You’ll be amazed by the results!

Boudoir Photoshoot Tips

  • Choose your outfit: Pick something that suits your style and comfort level. You can wear lingerie or more modest clothing. Add personal touches like jewelry or a vintage dress.
  • Work with your photographer: Find a professional who can create a safe and fun environment for you. Share your ideas and inspiration photos with them. Be open to their suggestions and feedback.
  • Have fun and be yourself: Don’t be shy or nervous in front of the camera. Try different poses and expressions that feel natural and authentic. Enjoy the moment and celebrate your beauty!
  • Take care of your photos: Store them in a secure and organized place. Make backup copies in case of damage or loss. Display or share them with pride and confidence!
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