Gift Vouchers

$260 Gift Voucher

Package includs:

  • Phone consulatation
  • 1 hour photo session
  • Design session or web album
  • A4 hi-res Print or a Digital File*

$480 Gift Voucher

Package includs:

  • Phone consulatation
  • 1 hour photo session
  • Design session
  • A3 Canvas or a hi-res Print

$970 Gift Voucher

Package includs:

  • Phone consulatation
  • 1 hour photo session
  • Design session
  • A 30×30 inch, a 24×36 inch or two A3 Canvases

* Digital file resolution: 1024×768 pixels, 72dpi

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the gift voucher package include?

A: Each voucher includes specific products according to its value. All vouchers include the following: Photo Session and Design Consultation.

  • The photo session takes approximately one hour. It usually takes place at the beach, the park, Wow Photography studio or your home – Auckland wide. I usually create 400-600 photos in a typical family portrait session.


Q: What is the Design Session?

  • Prior to your design session, I select the best 40 or 50 photos and perfrom basic retouching: colour, white balance, crop, etc.
  • The most exciting moment is when you first see your portraits during design session. Allow about an hour for a relaxed browsing through your best photographs. Together we will consider the different display combinations: size, composition, light, finish, monochrome and other creative colour finishes. This is lots of fun. The family sits comfortably to watch the best photos on the large screen with music playing in the background. Here is your opportunity to select your favourite portraits. We will also make a decision regarding the products: Prints, Canvases or Digital files.


Q: Are digital files included in the package?

A: Most people are more than happy with their wall art. With the recipient’s permission, I will post their favourite printed photos on Wow Photography Facebook page. Some people will want digital copies and these can be purchased.

Q: Can I simply get digital files for my social media profile or marketing?

A: Yes, happy to create a web album with the best 20-40 portraits and there is no need for a design session in the studio. This offers the opportunity to view the images on your PC or laptop so you can select your favourite photo(s).

Q: Can additional photos be purchased?

A: Sure. Additional portraits can be purchased during the design session and there is absolutely no pressure to do so. Check out my warm reviews!

Q: Can we purchase photos outside the design session?

A: It is extremely rare that photos are purchased after the design session so there is little or no reason to keep the photos for a later date. I do keep the photos if specifically requested and archive them for a limited time.

Q: Can the value of the voucher be used towards a larger package?

A: Yes. The recipient can use the value towards a larger wall art.

Q: Can I redem the card for cash or get a refund?

A: The voucher is non refundable and cannot be used with other promotions.

Q: Can I replace the canvas with a print?

A: Yes, happy to offer a professionally printed, Epson Premium Luster print instead of your canvas.

Q: Is there a time limit?

A: In our busy lives we only do what’s important or urgent. That’s why the gift voucher is valid for three months only. The expiry date creates a positive call for action to redeem the voucher while we are young. I am more than happy to extend the expiry date once contact is made with the recipient so there is no time pressure.

Q: Can you create a customised gift card?

A: Yes. I usually make contact with the person who purchased the voucher in order to get more details about the recipient and the occasion. I then create a customised A4 greeting card and send you the PDF by email. You can then print the card on a thick art paper, roll it nicley and tie a beatiful ribbon around it. This is a beautiful gift that can then be presented in person. Alternatively, happy to send the PDF gift voucher directly to the recipient.

Q: Can I buy the gift for myself?

A: Absolutely! Many delighted clients want to celebrate life and treat themselves to a wonderful gift to capture priceless memories of their loved ones – it’s a gift that keeps giving and becomes part of their décor!

Q: Can we do the photo session on weekends?

A: Yes. In fact, most photo sessions take place on Saturdays and Sundays.

Q: What locations can we choose from

A: You may have the opportunity to choose the location for your photo shoot around Auckland and The North Shore with great photography locations to consider

  • A home study is an exclusive portrait session created in the privacy and comfort of your own home.
  • Wow Photography studio on The North Shore is professionally equipped and child friendly.
  • A favourite park or beach will provide natural and beautiful background where you and your family are most relaxed and looking at your best.

Some great Auckland locations include:

  • Castor Bay Beach – North Shore City
  • Centennial Park – Cambels Bay
  • Auckland Domain
  • One Tree Hill – Cornwall Park


Q: Do you travel?

A. Sometimes the recipient has a beautiufl home with a lifestyl block, a horse or a special garden. While the voucher does not include travel, I’m happy to discuss these requests to create a ‘Home-Study’.

Q: Can I hire your services for a few hours?

A: Yes you can. Please Contact me to discuss your requirements.

Q: How much will that cost?

A. The important thing for you to know is that I offer 100% money back guarantee if there is not even one photo that you like and we’ll still be friends. I do this simply so that you will feel empowered and in control every step of the way while I work hard to create something special for you. My product structure starts from $220 for a 6×9 inch A5 print (or a $100 for a web resolution digital file). I also work hard to deliver a set of images that thrills you and fits your budget. Most people spend anywhere from $500 to $1,500 and some spend $5,000. It all depends on what you want and what your budget allows. In other words, it’s the value of the photos and the impact that you want to achieve when displayed on your wall. The other important thing to remember is that most people don’t really know what they want until they see what I created for them at their design session.

You are more than welcome to hit the Contact page and ask me any additional question that you may have.