Fine Art Prints

I take great pride in the quality of the product delivered to you, from creation to final production. Each image is carefully colour corrected, white balanced, enhanced and retouched for optimal outcome. The highest quality materials are chosen from reputable suppliers that I had personally good experience with and who take ownership of their craftsmanship to ensure that your art is preserved for life.

  • Professionally made prints are available in either glossy or matte finish, with or without borders. Prints are made using acid free archival inks with a projected life of over 100 years when protected from UV.
  • Premium prints can be ordered on Duratran, Flex or Metallic media.
  • I recommend presenting your valuable prints inside protective frames so they will stand the test of time.

We offer different types of paper to choose from:

  • Epson Luster Paper is super-high-quality media features high resolution prints with accurate colour and high D-Max for intense lifelike images. The paper features a heavy base that keeps it cockle-free along with a premium Luster finish that is particularly suited to portrait photography.
  • Professional Kodak Luster paper. This True Photo paper offers constant colour under different light sources, unmatched durability and longevity (no noticeable colour change after 200 years in albums). It produces accurate skin tones, with a neutral tone scale from highlights to shadows, offering bold rich blacks, clean whites and increased colour gamut for stronger, brighter and vibrant colours. This is a premium light-sensitive paper which is using traditional Silver Halide printing technology.
  • Kodak Metallic paper has a distinctive glossy finish and metallic appearance that works well with both colour and monochrome images, by providing a visually 3-D different aspect to the artwork. It maintains clean whites and rich blacks with constant and natural skin tones. In addition to this it offers dramatic impact and excellent contrast, with high luminosity and iridescence. (premium paper for C-Type, real photographic printing)
  • Fuji Flex paper is Fujifilm‘s premier photographic printing material, featuring incredibly high gloss finish and ultra smooth surface. It offers sharp prints with fine details, superbly rich colour saturation and vibrancy which enhances fashion photography bringing depth and life to landscape photos. (premium paper for C-Type, real photographic printing)

Prints start from 4×6″
From $170

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