Skimmer Rescue Platform

Had a great time photographing the Skimmer Rescue Platform both indoor in a professional photography studio and outdoor at Castor Bay beach in Auckland. The studio photos show both dramatic directional light as well as soft/diffused light. The outdoor photos are showing the terrain and the landscape to demonstrate this vehicle functionality.

The Skimmer Rescue Platform is a unique vehicle technology which provides augmented and smart assistance for disaster relief, rescue and asset management teams. Skimmer is single person, ultra lightweight, battery-powered smart vehicle with high power electric motors, buoyant air-less tires and extremely low ground-pressure. It has automated drone capabilities and adaptable modular chassis platform.

Skimmer’s ultra lightweight construction and smart electric drive systems, combine unmatched terrain traversing capabilities with fast, agile mobility and minimal environmental impact. Its advanced drivetrain and drive-by-wire systems allow for maximum control and performance. Skimmer is a highly configurable personal transport vehicle or an autonomously deployable drone platform for a range of scenarios including: rescue crew augmentation, casualty extract, hazard identification and mitigation, re-supply, mobile communications,  scouting, disaster-relief and reconnaissance.

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